Ongoing Projects

Major Projects (Ongoing)

Sr. No Name of Work Client
1 4-laning of existing 2 laning stretch from Moholat  km 0.000 to Wakhri at km 44.700 (Pkg–1) on Mohol – Alandi section (design length 44.700 km) of NH- 965 in the state of Maharashtra NHAI
2 4 laning of existing 2-laning stretch from Wakhri at Km 44.700 to Khudus at Km 77.800 (Pkg 2) on Mohol-Alandi section (design length 33.100 km) of NH-965 in the state of Maharashtra on EPC Mode NHAI
3 4 laning of existing 2-laning stretch from Khudus at Km 77.800 to Dharmapuri at Km 115.35 (Pkg 3) on Mohol-Alandi section (design length 37.55 km) of NH-965 in the state of Maharashtra on EPC Mode NHAI
4 Four Laning from Design Km 255.140 to Km 270.270 of Addahole-Bantwal section of NH-75(Old Nh-48) Under NHDP Phase IV on EPC Mode in the state of Karnataka NHAI
5 Balance Work of Construction of two/four lane with paved shoulder from Km 422.00 to Km 523.600 (Chitradurga to Shimogga Section) of NH 13 in the State of Karnataka on EPC mode (Job No: NH-13- KNT-2020-21-915) Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (MoRT&H)

Upgradation/Reconstruction To Two Lane With Paved Shoulders/Four Lane Configuration – Barshi-Solapur – Akkalkot-Dudhani-aland

To State Border Sh-204 Section – 3: BarshiTo Solapur From Km 1.400 To Km 63.300, Length = 61.900 Km In The State Of Maharashtra On EpcMode.

Public Works Dept, Maharashtra (Maharashtra Road Improvement Project – ADB Assisted)
7 Upgradation of Two lanes with Paved Shoulder from Pandharpur-Mangalwedha-Umadi Section of NH-516A, Package – II (Length – 54.336 Km) Executive Engineer, NH, Solapur Division.
8 Improvements to NH-150A Jewaragi-Chamaraj Nagar section in Sindanoor City Km 171/600 to 176/600 Executive Engineer, NH, Bijapur Division.
9 Upgradation of existing highway to 2 Lane/ 4 Lane with paved shoulder configuration from Sangola to Jath (Km. 185/339 to Km. 230/123) section of NH-965G on EPC Mode Executive Engineer, NH, Solapur Division.
10 Improvement of Barshi-Solapur-Akkalkot-Dudhani-Aland to State Border, SH204, Km 1/400 to 63/300 (Barshi-Solapur Road), Dis. Solapur Length 61.90 Km Asian Development Bank Funds, EAP, PWD, Maharashtra
11 Periodical Renewal of NH-150E from Kalburgi connecting Chowdapur, Afzalpurupto Maharashtra state border in Karnataka state from Km. 09/000 to 38/375. Executive Engineer, NH, Kalburgi Division.
12 Improvements of various internal roads of Solapur City Solapur Municipal Corpo, Solapur
13 Improvements to Lavangi-Karkal-Auj-Hurghot Road MDR – 152, Km. 1/0 to 15/0, Tq. South Solapur Executive Engineer, PWD, Solapur Division
14 Improvements to Panhala-Waghbil-Vadgaon-Hatkanangale-Ichalkaranji Road (SH-192) Km 39/000 to 59/600 Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Kolhapur Division